Call for Work Party Proposals!

Dear Friends of AERO and Food and Ag Task Force Members,

Do you have a food, farm, or agricultural project you want to see completed while educating and building community? Let us help!

Screen Shot 2017-02-16 at 1.09.29 PM.png

Working together on the straw bale house build!

Last summer, AERO had the unique opportunity to help some of our members make a long-standing dream a reality. In July, we gathered together in Floweree, Montana, for a  weekend of learning and building to raise a strawbale house for AERO members Elsie and Russ. We gathered again this fall in Big Sandy on Bob Quinn’s farm to harvest Dave Christensen’s beautiful painted mountain corn and learn about its unique properties and seed history. At both of these events, we loved the chance to get our hands a little dirty, learn new skills, eat and camp together, and do something tangible for our members and our community.

This spring, the Food and Agriculture Task Force plans to gather for an in-person meeting that combines the discussion and goal setting of the Task Force with a work-party that completes or contributes to a project in need of helping hands. If you or someone you know have such a project, send us a quick proposal, and we’ll consider your site.

Here’s what we’re looking for:

1) A farming, food, or agriculture based project that can provide work for and host up to 40 volunteers for a one to two day period (including sites for tents and camping).

2) A host site that can provide the tools, materials, and basic essential training for volunteers. (AERO cannot provide funds for materials, but will help feed and transport volunteers.)

3) Appropriate work for a variety of skill levels.  

4) A site with a project date that falls between April 20 and June 30.

Examples might include: A barn-raising or other basic construction; planting or harvesting; field-clearing or soil preparation; farm site/structure maintenance – or surprise us!

If you are interested, please write to with “WORK PARTY” as your subject line and a short description of your proposed project, your location, an outline of what’s needed, and your capacity to host volunteers.

Proposals are due by March 25. The Task Force Chairs, Erin Janoso and Caroline Stephens, with staff support, will select a project by March 31st.

We look forward to hearing from you!

~ Your AERO Team


Work party harvesting Painted Mountain corn in Big Sandy with Dave Christensen




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